Rick Connell

rick missing crayonsRick came late to the music scene recording his first song in 2007. “ I use to hear music in my head all the time, thinking it was just tunes I had heard the day before” I thought there was something magical about writing a song and that only established musicians could place the notes in the correct order to produce a melody and ultimately a song.  Being left handed, attacking a guitar seem do able.  Just play it backwards, how hard can that be!  So I did and weeks later, I was strumming a set of chords that to my ear sounded harsh ,but acceptable.  Before too long I had a set of tunes I would record on my computer , download to a ipod and listen while I ran.  Ideas would pop into my head and as soon as I finished a run I would sit down write the lyrics to a tune and bingo a song.  Now, I either pick a subject and write the lyrics first, then the music, or go to my bank of over 700 pieces and pick a tune and see what comes to mind.