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Ta Touck Village School Fund

Please click the link below to help Ellie and The Missing Crayons raise money for the School kids in Cambodia! Any donation helps the good cause.

Thank you

Help The Missing Crayons give back this holiday season!

The holidays are approaching and its the time of year to give give give. Weather its a smile to a stranger or a hug to a family member.
When you shop at a small percent of your order will go to the Ta Touck Village School.
This donation will give them a chance to expand their learning and make school fun for all, they will be able to get new uniforms books and much much more.
When you shop at Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price. This is a great way to spread the holiday cheer.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from The Missing Crayons

Album Release!

New album just came out. Sit back and enjoy hours of great music with the likes of ZZ Top, Neil Young and many more!!
We have also updated our Facebook page and we are now on Twitter so please be sure to follow and like our page.

News Flash

News Flash

First we would like to welcome aboard Theresa, who will be taking over managing our web page. She will be able to update the site and bring new and fascinating news about The Missing Crayons. In addition, she can personally answer any inquires . Just email .

Second news flash is The Missing Crayons will be releasing a new CD/Album called Legends in Rock. Available mid April 2016.

This CD is all new original songs highlighting rock bands or personalities that had a positive influence in our early lives, for example, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Santana, CCR, The Who, and America. 12 new songs altogether, a fun listening experience.

Please check out Wake Up World, a new single released in March 2016. This song not only is a great tune to hear,but also educates.

I Love You

Here is the latest song we have added from the album “Colors of Love”. Click play below:

She’s My Muse by The Missing Crayons

Plato says there are 10, Zeus claims 3 beautiful daughters and others say there are nine.  All you need is one to make a beautiful little song. She’s My Muse

Chasing My Dreams Away

This song is the 3rd track on the Colors of Love album. The song came from my youngest daughter just singing a jingle far enough from me that all I heard was “Sometimes I can see myself”.  With that line I went inside and got my iPhone out, switched on the camera and repeated the line into the camera adding,” chasing all my dreams away”. From there I could hear the melody in my head. Worked out the chords on the guitar, then wrote the rest of the song based on the initial idea of “Sometimes I can see myself”. Some songs are easily born out of whispers in the distance.