American Troop - The Missing Crayons
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May 07, 2011


American Troop

The third album is called American Troop. The songs that appear on this album are dedicated to the Armed Forces of the United States. Pat Tillman reflects on his love of country and his ultimate sacrifice. Fallen Soldier expresses realities of being mortally wounded.

Johnny Medevac documents the life of one medevac pilot as he rescues soldiers and transports them to a care facility. Lastly, Surgical Wonderland is a favorite of ours, as the music and lyrics just flow.

Pat Tillman
Battlefield Haze
Fallen Soilder
Johnny Medevac
Walter Reed Surgical Wonderland
Back Home Again
Aggieland Corps of Cadets
Dependent Girl
Soldiering On
Minority Brat
Social Thunder