Just Wax and Colors
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February 04, 2013


Just Wax and Colors

As the title suggest, this album wax and wanes throughout. The Gathering is a good tune that will have you in a line dance in no time. Pink Floyd is classic Pink Floyd. Sing Me a Little Something is The Missing Crayons with a hint of Louis Armstrong. Suzanne, is a friend who has fought and is fighting cancer. Two Years Ago and Drinking Bad Brew ,although written with different intent, appear to be reflective.

The Blessing and The Blessing Redux are opposites in style , but fill a rock void.

The Gathering
Summer Breeze
Sing Me a Little Something
Two years Ago
Pink Floyd
The Blessing
This is My Song
The Blessing Redux
Mountain View Toro Marching
Drinking Bad Brew
A Change of Heart
All We Have Left is Love